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Conservation Commission

The mission of the Conservation Commission is to promote sustainable and environmentally sound land-use planning and management to protect or enhance the Town's agricultural, natural and historic resources in support of the Hinesburg Town Plan through: The Hinesburg Conservation Commission operates as an advisory board to the local Development Review Board, Planning Commission, and Select Board. The Conservation Commission is also responsible for the management of Geprags Community Park and recommending expenditures from the Land Conservation Fund for local projects.

Greenspace Plan

Greenspace includes all the elements of the town’s landscape, both land and water, that are valued for their natural resources, ecosystem services, agricultural or forest production, recreational opportunities, scenic views, and other public benefits. The Conservation Commission envisions that this Greenspace Plan will be used to:
  • Identify valued natural resources deserving protection
  • Educate the public about the benefits derived from and threats posed to its natural resources
  • Recommend voluntary and regulatory measures based on current scientific knowledge that will help protect the town’s rural character and its valued resources
  • Encourage stewardship activities and best management practices

  • Download >> The Greenspace Plan
Geprags Park Management Plan

The approximately 80 acres of Geprags Park is a matrix of forest, field, and wetland, providing outstanding opportunities for recreation, wildlife, and for maintaining the rural character of the town.

In an effort to optimize opportunities and protect the resources that abound, the Hinesburg Conservation Commission (HCC) crafted a Park Management Plan in 1992. It was updated in 1999. This is the second update to the original plan. This plan and subsequent park management has adopted a 'Management Zone' format.

The Geprags Park Management Plan is intended as a dynamic document, to be updated by the HCC and endorsed by the Select Board every three to five years. It is the Commission’s hope/belief that this management philosophy will result in more comprehensive and efficient management that will enhance the park’s inherent value to the town and result in a higher level of use and enjoyment by the residents of Hinesburg. While the Hinesburg Conservation Commission holds oversight responsibility, management of the park has been, and will continue to be a team effort. We particularly acknowledge the Hinesburg Trail Committee’s partnership and tireless efforts in maintaining the park trail system.

Meeting Schedule

The Conservation Commission meets:
  • Regular Schedule – 2nd Tuesday of each Month, 7:00 PM, Town Hall

Commission Members

  Term Expires
Marie Ayer 1/01/21
Michael Bissonette 1/01/23
Meg Handler 1/01/21
Bob Hyams 1/01/24
Kate Kelly, Chair 1/01/24
Darcie Mumley 1/01/23
>> Open Seat 1/01/23
>> Open Seat 1/01/21
>> Open Seat 1/01/21
Nine Member Commission. Members serve 4-year terms.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting agendas are posted two days before each meeting.
    NEXT MEETING –    AGENDA | June 23, 2020
Questions? Contact the Town Administrator's Office.
Meeting Minutes


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