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Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2011

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Andrea Morgante, Mike Bissonette, Ken Brown, Joe Colangelo, Bud Allen, Rocky Martin and attached list of attendees.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Jon moved the Board go into executive session including Town Agent Bud Allen and Joe Colangelo for discussion of legal opinion and personnel issues. Second by Mike B and approved.

Andrea moved the Board come out of executive session, second by Ken and approved.

Ken moved the Board vote to approve recommendation of Mike Anthony to end probationary period for Chad Fisher Highway Maintainer ll as he has met or exceeded the standard expected of Highway Maintainer ll for the Town of Hinesburg and to change his employee status to full time regular effective Sept 26, 2011. Second by Andrea and approved.

Andrea moved the Board vote acknowledge that the Superintendent of Water and Wastewater, Brian Maddison, has completed his 3 month probationary period and met or exceeded the standard expected of Water and Wastewater Superintendent and his probationary period be lifted effective Sept 26, 2011. Second by Mike B and approved.

Fellowship of the Wheel: The Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW) is attempting to secure an $18,000 grant to help with some trail building and maintenance in the Town Forest. In order to secure the grant the FOTW asked the Town Forest Committee (TFC) to support their application. The TFC decided not to endorse the grant due to the fact that they have not completed their Management Plan and therefore not ready to commit recourses to trails (until their MP is complete).

Discussion and Action on Brooke's proposals - $18,000 Grant and Connecting Trails: Brooke had a two part request. One part is a request for a letter of support for the FOTW to do maintenance on the Dragon's Tail, the International and the Maiden. The second part is a request for permission for FOTW to add two or three little connector trails.

Pat made a motion for the committee to write a letter of support for the grant to do maintenance on the Dragon's Tail, the International and the Maiden. It was seconded by Wayne. A lengthy, sometimes contentious discussion followed. Brooke noted that to make changes in terms of which trails are worked on would require a new application next year. Steve asked if there is any guarantee that we'd get the $18,000 next year. Brooke replied that, no, it would be a competitive process. Discussion focused diverse topics. Among them were: losing an opportunity, the integrity of the planning process, the best ways to address water quality issues, vernal pools, financial implications for the town, (Wayne commented that upkeep could cost the town. Brooke noted that FOTW has received $150 from own in last six years. The town has received $6000 in services from FOTW paid trail crew in each of the past two years and $4000 in services this year. No match is required by town. This grant has a 36% match, all of which is coming from FOTW volunteers.), whose responsibility the trails are, hypocrisy and double standards, ATV use, hunting, sustainability, whether or not committee members had visited the trails and the history and quality of the trails. Those present agreed with Kristen's suggestion to add wording to the motion asking the Selectboard to approve the letter on behalf of the town. Steve noted that as chairperson he will not vote unless there is a tie. Wayne moved the question. The motion was defeated three in favor, four against.

Kristen moved to have the committee write a letter of support for FOTW and its work on the Town Forest and stating that we are not now in a position to take the grant because we are in a management planning process. Motion seconded by Brent. Brooke asked why we didn't treat the other grants the same way. Brent said he sees both Economou Road and the Eagles trail (since the mid 90's) as historical. Chuck said he made the assumption that the other groups would be good stewards. Pat said that based on her observation of FOTW trails in Town Forest and elsewhere FOTW is good steward.

Motion carried with two abstentions, one nay, and four ayes.

The FOTW is now requesting the guidance of the Selectboard. The Minutes (above) seem to indicate the TFC wants the Selectboard to approve a letter on behalf of the Town.

Andy Wies of Fellowship of the Wheel said they were present to discuss the grant awarded to FOW by Forest, Parks and Recreation.

Barry D. member of the FOW spoke of the work done by FOW in other towns.

Jon said he is reluctant to overrule the Town Forest Committee who was not aware FOW was bringing this to the Board tonight. He continued by stating the Town Forest Committee was charged with creating a Management Plan. The Management Plan is still being developed and the Town Forest Committee wants to focus on the plan.

Steve Fisher noted the Eagles Trail is being addressed so why not the other trails.

It was mentioned that the Eagles Trail is to remain open.

Representative from the Town Forest Committee stated the Committee is not sure the statement that the Eagles Trail is to remain open is accurate. She feels some areas of that trail perhaps would be closed in the future due to erosion problems.

Andrea noted there is no guarantee that FOW will continue to use and maintain trails in the Town Forest and no guarantee the Town will allow them to continue in the Town Forest.

Jason Reed pointed out the grant will bring funding of $18,000 and the Town has budgeted $500 for work by the Trails Committee.

Andrea stated that when the Town Forest Committee was created it was agreed that no work be done without supervision of the Chittenden County Forester.

Chuck Reiss said discussion of the Committee stated there are natural communities that need to be protected and so that needs to be looked at. He urged the Town Forest Committee be given the time needed to finish their plan.

Val Spadaccini asked about the request to add two or three connector trails. She voiced her concern on making more trails which is changing the use of the Town Forest for residents, specifically for hunters.

Andy stated the trails are closed during rifle season. Val responded that it is currently hunting season for birds and the trails remain open during that time.

Representative from the Town Forest Committee said the connectors are not part of the grant and are allowed to happen.

Jon suggested the FOW work with the Town Forest Committee and allows the Committee time to finish the Management Plan. As the work does not have to take place this fall, the Forest Committee may reconsider after they have finished the plan.

Wastewater Permit for Brad Wainer: The Selectboard discussed this issue briefly with Brad on June 20, 2011. At that meeting, the Board approved the wastewater allocation for Brad on Shelburne Falls Road (north of the road). Brad also brought up a further request at that meeting. That request, which is before you once again, is to approve an allocation request for his garage at 149 Shelburne Falls Road (south of the road).

This parcel is across Shelburne Falls Road from the approved parcel from June 20. 149 Shelburne Falls Road falls just outside of the service area. The Village Growth Area boundaries were drawn along the east property line of the Wainer parcel for a few reasons:

1) Consistency with the Commercial District boundary north of Shelburne Falls Road;

2) Ease of including the Bissonette property as a single unit in the -Village Northwest District;

3) Proximity of stream;

The reason why the Sewer Service Area boundaries include properties west of the Commercial District (North of Shelburne Falls Road) is that those properties were already connected to Town water and/or sewer (prior to the Ordinance). This is why Brad’s property to the north is included in the service area while the property to the south is not.

Mike B moved the Board vote to approve this request citing 4.B.2 (c) of the Ordinance stating that the proximity of this parcel to the existing service area and the amount of expansion proposed is extremely limited and will have little to no impact on system. Second by Jon. Andrea requested the inclusion of language noting the current system is a health hazard. Motion voted with addition of notation of health hazard and approved.

Saputo Wastewater Extension: Rocky and Brian have reviewed the plans. The waterline will be the property of Redstone and not turned over to the Town.

Andrea asked if there are plans to re-activate the existing well. Rocky stated there is not.

Andrea asked if there is an opportunity for the Town to work with them in doing so. Rocky said Doug Nedde is in favor of re-activating the well and is working with the State to try to accomplish that.

Ken moved the Board vote to approve and sign the Waterline Extension Permit for Catamount/Hinesburg-Malone, LLC, per recommendation of the Director of Buildings & Facilities. Second by Mike B and approved.

Discuss Selectboard Retreat: Agenda, Goals, Timeframe, etc.: The Selectboard is scheduled to hold its retreat on Friday, October 7 at Cedar Knoll from 8:30 a.m. - Noon. The retreat will be posted and Warned like a regular Selectboard meeting. The retreat should allow the Selectboard a chance to discuss in more depth some of the big principles, ideals, and goals it has for the year.

Certain topics have been brought up as possible agenda items, including:

• Selectboard Function: Communication, Goals, Mission, Ideals

†• Selectboard Relationship with Committees, commissions, Boards.

†• Selectboad Relationship with Town Staff: Chain of Command / Organizational Chart

†• Town Manager v Town Administrator

• Issues Facing the Town / Share personal vision of town in 10 years

• Upkeep and Long term management of town assets: town owned parcels, cemetery, gravel pit, old landfill, lot 31, small parcels around town, lagoons and Eddy parcel, Lyman Park and parking lot, school property, recycling center.

• How do day-to-day activities and decisions and personalities of town staff define the town versus decisions, actions, policies of boards, commissions, committees? 

• Update on Police Advisory

†• Hinesburg 250th Preparations (Selectboard’s role, Financial needs)

†• Governing Body Meeting Space(s)

†• Topics chosen for discussion.

Discussed possible change of time and place of the meeting to the afternoon at the Fire Station. Joe will work on obtaining a facilitator for the meeting. It was noted that while this is a public meeting it is a working session for the Board and they will not be taking comments from the audience.

Reserve Fund Allocation: Board members reviewed the revised spreadsheet of reserve funds.

Ken moved the Board vote to approve the FY10-11 Reserves dated reserves 9/15/2011. Second by Andrea and approved.

Recreation Field Project Update: The ad hoc committee met again on September 24 with the Project Manager (David Hallam). Mr. Hallam requested qualifications from civil engineering and landscape architectural firms and received six (6) responses; of those, five (5) appear to be qualified to submit bids on a Request for Proposal. David is now working with Joe and Rocky to finalize an RFP. The goal is to have proposals back by Oct 17 and review and approve a consulting firm by late October or early November so a defined project can be prepared for the community by Town Meeting. The RFP will break the project down into 2 phases. Phase 1 will inform the Town of the costs associated with securing the land and necessary permits so it can be used as a recreation field. Phase 2 would consist of a master plan and costs for a build-out. The Selectboard will be asked to approve a contract for a consulting engineering firm in roughly one (1) month. Again, all costs for this project are expected to come from the Recreation Capital Expense Reserve Fund. The thought is the money in that fund will cover the work of the consultant engineering or landscape architectural firm and the Project Management costs for David Hallam. The Recreation Commission is supportive of the project moving forward.

Town Administrator’s Report:

American Lung Association: No Idling Campaign for Consideration. The Board agreed it would be a good practice for the Town vehicles.

Budget Preparations for FY2013 Have commenced: Working immediately on capital budget and will begin working with dept heads on operating budget. Budget presentation for the Selectboard in early November.

Fire Pump: The auditors need to know if this item needs to be included with our fixed assets. Jon moved the Town acknowledge that the pump for engine 3 is Town property and further acknowledge that all the Fire Department trucks are Town owned property. Second by Andrea and approved.

Selectboard Items:

Jon asked Joe about the change to capital fund accounting and what actions are required to do so. Joe stated it can be done with a motion by the Selectboard and does not require a Town wide vote.

Ken said he spoke with Frank Koss regarding the possible need to move the lowered speed limit for Town (30 mph) further north for vehicles traveling south due to the proximity with the Kinney Drug Store.

Jim Collins asked if in the budget planning there will be any funding planned for the Lot 1 park. Al Barber responded that Rocky Martin is working on that item.

Mike B said he sat in on the Police Advisory Committee that met earlier in the evening. The Board set a November 1 deadline for a report from them for budgetary purposes and he does not get the sense the deadline will be met. Joe Colangelo said they are scheduling more frequent meetings.

Andrea moved the Board vote to approve the minutes of August 22, 2011 as amended. Second by Jon and approved.

Andrea moved the Board vote to approve the minutes of September 12, 2011 as amended. Second by Mike B and approved.

Jon reported on the discussion earlier with the Town Agent about Weed Road. It is clear the Town owns the property. The Town Agent pointed out the fact that there is a road on the Town property that is used every day even though it was never laid out as a road.

The Board asked Joe to craft a motion to declare Weed Rd as Class IV road and find out about identifying it on State maps.

Ken moved the Board vote to approve the warrants, including payroll, as submitted by the Town Treasurer. Second by Jon and approved.

Mike B moved the Board vote to adjourn at 9:15 p.m., second by Ken and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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