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Selectboard Meeting

Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2011

Attending the meeting: Jon Trefry, Mike Bissontte, Ken Brown, Randy Volk, Andrea Morgante, Joe Colangelo, and attached list.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Andrea moved the Board go into executive session including Town Administrator for Union Contract and personnel discussion. Second by Ken and approved.

Andrea moved the Board come out of executive session, second by Randy and approved.

On reopening the public meeting Jon presented Police Chief, Fred Silber, with a plaque on behalf of the Selectboard and Town for his service to the Town from 2006 to 2011.

Jon thanked Fred for all he has done in his role as Chief.

New Hire – Highway Maintainer

Joshua (Josh) Martell was present to introduce himself to the Board and answer any questions they might have.

Josh Martell was vetted and interviewed by Mike Anthony, Highway Foreman, and had a final interview with the Town Administrator and staff recommends Josh to fill the vacant Highway Maintainer position. Barrett Trucking currently employs Josh; his past experience includes employment with FW Webb and the Town of Lincoln’s Highway Department. Josh has good experience driving trucks, a valid CDL, and has the necessary mechanical skills to be successful in the position with Hinesburg. We have conducted our background check and we have offered Josh employment contingent on approval by the Selectboard. Josh is scheduled to start with the Town of December 27, 2011.

Ken moved the Board vote to offer Mr Joshua Martell employment with the Town of Hinesburg in the capacity of Highway Maintainer effective December 27, 2011, and allow the Chair of the Selectboard to sign Josh’s employment letter on behalf of the Selectboard. Second by Andrea and approved.

Joe C noted that Tom Boivin is back to work with light-duty restrictions. He is able to drive/plow.

Interim Zoning Proposal

Jon opened the Public Hearing on the Interim Zoning Proposal at 7:15 p.m.

Jon explained that the proposal is to align our energy standards for new homes with the statewide Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES), which were recently improved on October 1, 2011. The Energy Star program is rolling out a much more stringent set of standards on January 1, 2012, and the Planning Commission feels this will be too difficult a standard to remain a mandatory requirement for all new homes built in Hinesburg. The PC is studying alternatives, but will not have time to formalize a standard/permanent zoning revision prior to January 1 – hence the need to enact temporary interim zoning. Interim Zoning remains effective for 2 years or until PC recommends a permanent zoning revision (whichever comes first) – Planning Commission likely to have a permanent zoning revision proposal ready in early 2012.

There were no comments from those in attendance at this time and the Board agreed to keep the Public Hearing open while they move on to other business.

Jon closed the Public Hearing at 7:40 p.m.

Ken moved the Board vote to adopt the energy efficiency interim zoning as outlined in the proposal by the Planning Commission, dated November 11, 2011. Second by Mike B and approved.

Recreation Field Project Phase 1 Presentation

Rocky Martin, Jen McCuin, Frank Twarog and Alex Weinhagen were present to answer questions on the project.

The Selectboard appropriated $10,000 from the Recreation Field Reserve Fund so the Town could work on a conceptual study of potential new recreational fields on land currently owned by the Bissonette Family. The Town hired a Project Manager – David Hallam – to assist in that effort.

The Town contracted with Lamoureux & Dickinson (LD) for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of a conceptual study of a new recreation facility on land currently owned by Mr. Wayne Bissonette just west off Route 116 and south of and Shelburne Falls Road. Mr. Bissonette has offered to gift the land to the Town to be used for recreation fields and the Town would be responsible for the costs of permitting, land transfer, and construction.

Phase 1 is to determine if there are any ‘showstoppers’ and to furnish a written report to the Town of all findings along with cost estimates for the land to acquire the land, payment of potential fees, and obtaining all necessary permits. The deliverables for Phase 1 include a conceptual drawing and the Phase 1 report.

Phase 2 of the project includes the development of three (3) alternative concept plans, a recommendation of construction phasing, construction cost estimate, and a public presentation of all findings at a Selectboard meeting.

The project currently shows two (2) full-sized soccer fields; four (4) U-10 (youth) fields; a Cal Ripken Little League baseball field; an access road from Shelburne Falls Road; water and sewer line connections for bathrooms; a storage facility; a playground; and a parking lot for approximately 50 cars. Doug’s research thus far shows that there are no ‘showstoppers.’ Act 250, however, could be a potential issue. Act 250 would be triggered if the total project disturbed area is over ten (10) acres; as presented currently, the plans show the area at 9.7 acres.

The Board reviewed the project map as proposed. Questioned was the limited amount of parking (50 spaces). Frank Twarog noted more space for parking may be available on site and as the project will be done in phases there may be commercial development in the area which could provide opportunities for parking and walking to the fields.

The estimated cost to acquire the property and complete necessary permitting without the Act 250 review is around $34,000; if Act 250 is triggered the total cost could be closer to $100,000. The major financial impact of an Act 250 permit would be mitigation of prime ag soils. Doug will submit an Act 250 project review sheet this week and the response should be back to us by the end of January. At that point, the Town will be able to a) go forward with the Phase 2 development of the project as presented; b) scale the project back to better conform to Act 250 (i.e. less one field).

Phase 1 is estimated at $5,850 and Phase 2 $5,650. The cost of the Project Manager will be approximately $2000. The Selectboard appropriated monies for Phase 1 and the Selectboard will be asked to allocate money for Phase 2 after review of Act 250.

Village Steering Committee

Committee members Dona Walker, Aaron Kimball and Rolf Kielman were present to answer any questions.

Rolf reaffirmed the mission of the VSC and said the main focus has been walkability within the village and extending north.

The committee’s stated goals are:

• Work with the Planning Commission on the Village area planning project;

• Work with public officials and Hinesburg residents and landowners on ways to implement village related goals and recommendations in the Town plan, such as:

•• “Main Street” improvements to Route 116

•• Creation of a “walkable” community center

•• Transportation improvements

•• Preservation of the historic structures and features that are an essential part of Hinesburg’s character

•• Encourage the redevelopment of structures within the existing Village core that are underutilized

•• Make available adequate community facilities and services to facilitate Village area goals

•• Make recommendations that take into consideration the natural resources of the Village area

• Work with the property owners, local business owners, the Hinesburg Business and Professional Association, and other regional resources on economic development in the Village growth center

• Work with village landowners, developers (for profit and not for profit), and affordable housing groups to aid in the creation of affordable housing within the village growth center

• Work with other Boards/Commissions to help develop a Village Master Plan for incorporation into the next Town Plan

• Work with the Selectboard and Planning Commission on other issues being considered by these respective boards which significantly impact the Village area.

Mike B asked about the canal. Dona said there was a budget request from the VSC to maintain the canal which was denied. Jim Collins said in the past the Fire Department has dredged the canal on a regular basis which is no longer done.

Mike B also asked about the Vestry Building and possibility of improvements to the building. Maggie Gordon said there is a plan to do something with the building for the Town 250 yr. anniversary. This will be coordinated with the United Church and St Jude’s. Andrea noted that the Town is also involved in the ownership of the building and so should be included.

Dona asked the Board about the status of the west side sidewalk. Rocky said the Town is still working on getting necessary easements. Dona said perhaps the VSC can help in obtaining the easements to get the project moving along.

FY2013 Planning Budget

The Town Administrator gave a PowerPoint presentation of the proposed budget.

The Board asked Alex about the requested special projects he is seeking funding for.

All agreed the enhanced aerial maps will benefit the Town.

Randy said he did not see value in the impact fee ordinance as use of funds is limited.

Sidewalk feasibility study. Alex will come back to the Board to identify the 7 segments of sidewalk. Some Board members felt the money to do the study could better be spent in constructing the sidewalks.

Growth Center designation – benefits to the Town vs. expense to obtain the designation were discussed.

FY2013 Recreation Budget

The Town Administrator reviewed the budget via PowerPoint. Once again it was clear that the programs offered are funding themselves. Request for work to the ice rink was discussed and agreed it is needed. With the field behind Town Hall completed that line was reduced from past years.

FY2013 B&F Budget

The Town Administrator reviewed the budget via PowerPoint. The repair and maintenance line is greatly reduced as there are no major repair projects planned.

In the capital budget a new expenditure will be the replacement of the pick-up.

Andrea asked to include in the professional landscape line money to do maintenance of the canal. Rocky said he can remove the shrubs that need to come out and last year there was a problem with the area being too wet to mow. Rocky will work out something to get the area cleaned up.

Mike B requested the Town replace the “Welcome to Hinesburg” signs.

The Board and Rocky discussed the situation with the recreation path. The Board signed a letter to Mr. Pries, Project Supervisor, at AOT requesting additional funds.


Randy moved the Board vote to approve the warrants, including payroll warrants, as submitted by the Town Treasurer. Second by Mike B and approved.


Ken moved the Board vote to approve the minutes of 11/28/11 as amended. Second by Andrea and approved.

Ken moved the Board vote to approve the minutes of 12/5/11 as amended. Second by Mike B and approved with Randy abstaining.

Town Administrator’s Report

1) Public Safety Project Advising Services: On November 21, 2011, the Selectboard passed a Motion allowing the Town Administrator to hire a Project Manager to help the Town of Hinesburg proceed with an open-bid process for final design and construction services for the Community Center & Public Safety project. The Project Manager will be tasked with the following:

1) develop a Request for Qualification;

2) develop a Request for Proposal bid package;

3) help the Town with an interview process if needed;

4) aid the Town in the selection of a qualified firm and a recommendation to the Selectboard for ultimate approval contingent on a successful bond vote at Town Meeting.

A team of staff members selected Rolf Kielman of Truexcullins at an estimated total cost of $3,300.

Rolf has already put together and distributed the RFP. The RFP went live on Wednesday, December 14 and by Friday morning December 16 around twenty-four (24) firms have expressed interest in the project. A mandatory walk-thru/kick off meeting will be hosted on January 3, 2012 for those wishing to bid on the project.

The projected timeline is as follows:

• December 14, 2011: Design RFP announced/distributed

• January 3, 2012: Mandatory site visit/walk through at 9 AM at the Hinesburg Fire Station

• January 6, 2012: Written questions submitted to Rocky Martin

• January 12, 2012: Design proposals due

• January 19, 2012: Interviews with short listed design teams if required

• January 23, 2012: Design Team selected (pending bond vote approval)

• March 6, 2012: Town of Hinesburg Bond Vote

• April 6, 2012: Town of Hinesburg signs agreement with selected Architectural Team and design work proceeds

• May 1, 2012: Schematic Design concluded

• May 1, 2012: Local and State permitting initiated

• July 1, 2012: Design Development concluded, local and State permitting concluded

• September 15, 2012: Contract Document Phase concluded. Building permit applied for

• October 1, 2012: Bidding process begins

• October 31, 2012: Bidding process concluded

• November 15, 2012: Contract for construction completed

Randy moved the Board vote to approve hiring Rolf Kielman of Truex Cullins as Project Advisor for the proposed Community, Police and Fire Safety facility at an amount not to exceed $5000 paid for with Impact Fees. Second by Ken and approved.

2) January 2, 2012 Selectboard Meeting: This is a holiday for Town Staff and the offices will be closed. Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 4th.

3) 116 Light Synchronization continued: Two (2) points. 1) Hannaford’s has not been granted final approval for this change yet. It will be part of their Act 250 application. 2) The Town needs to focus its effort with AOT to ensure the synchronization happens independently of Hannaford. Joe will draft a letter to VTrans for the Board to review and sign.

4) Town Forest Committee: Kristen Sharpless has submitted her resignation to the Selectboard. Joe said the Town will advertise immediately and plan to appoint at the next Selectboard meeting. Ken moved the Board vote to accept the resignation of Kristen Sharpless from the Town Forest Committee with regrets and thank her for her service on both forest committees. Second by Andrea and approved.

5) Municipal Policies & Procedures: The Town needs to adopt the attached policies before the funds for the Vermont Smoke & Cure grant can be accessed and the grant agreement finalized. This step of the process was not relayed to the Town – as a November 30, 2011 email from the Vermont Community Development Program shows – originally. But here we are and the policies must be passed. The Town Administrator does not see a problem with any of them. Most of the policies are tied specifically to VCDP funds. Two (2) policies have more global implications. 1) Excessive Force Police; 2) Drug Free Workplace Act.

Per Issue #1: There has been more scrutiny on use of force policies against ‘nonviolent civil rights demonstrators’ as of late with the Occupy Movement in various cities, including Burlington. The Hinesburg Community Police Department already has a thorough and extensive policy outlining ‘reasonable force’. According to the Chief excessive force is never allowed so the policy should have no additional implication to the police department.

Per Issue #2: The Town’s personnel manual includes both a drug and alcohol policy and should be sufficient for the grant.

Ken moved the Board vote to adopt the Municipal Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Vermont Community Development Program requirements for the Community Development Block Grant. Second by Andrea and approved.

6) Economic Development Committee: A class of UVM Master of Public Administration students will kick-start the Economic Development Committee as part of a class. Their tasks will include but may not be limited to the following: a) reach out to stakeholders; b) host and organize a kick-off meeting; c) gather and analyze local economic data; d) see that the Committee is up and running by the end of the semester.

Ken moved the Board vote to adjourn at 10:45 p.m., second by Mike B and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Spadaccini, secretary

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