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Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Proposed Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Revisions

The purpose is to make a wide variety of revisions to clarify and improve the regulations based on suggestions received over the years. The geographic area affected is town-wide. These suggestions come from a variety of sources – e.g., Development Review Board, Zoning Administrator or other staff, development applicants, landowners, etc. We typically refer to this collection of regulation revisions as "housekeeping changes". Many of these changes are minor clarifications; however, some represent significantly different regulations or new policy. In addition to a track changes version of the regulations, please refer to the 7-page summary document that provides the description and rationale for the significant changes. Also see the 4-page report, which highlights several changes with larger policy implications.

PUBLIC HEARING – Planning Commission
December 13th, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall

Community feedback is desired and welcome at the hearing. Come to the hearing to learn more, ask questions, and provide comments. Curious ahead of time? Not an evening meeting person? Questions and comments ahead of the hearing are also welcome!

The Planning Commission remains divided on a few of the changes. They’d appreciate your feedback on all the changes, especially the four below:

  • Internally illuminated signs and electronic message boards: Hinesburg has half a dozen or so internally illuminated signs (Kinney Drugs, Mobil, etc.) and one electronic message board (at CVU High School). Should new ones be prohibited in favor of externally illuminated signs? Retaining Hinesburg’s rural aesthetic vs. sign lighting flexibility.
  • Drive-thru windows/service: Current regulations prohibit restaurant drive-thrus. Hinesburg has three other types of drive-thrus (two banks and a drug store). Should new drive-thrus (of any business type) be prohibited? Improve site planning efficiency and emphasize pedestrian access vs. customer convenience.
  • Accessory apartment access: Current regulations prohibit new access drives for accessory apartments – i.e., the apartment has to be located off the same driveway as the house. Should this restriction be eliminated in favor of assessing actual impacts (if any)? Flexibility based on site specific constraints vs. minimizing new driveways.
  • Surveying for boundary adjustments: Currently minor boundary line adjustments between two properties can be done with a simple zoning permit and deed language. Should a survey be required of the area being adjusted? Ensuring clearly defined property lines vs. minimizing cost to landowners for simple boundary adjustments.

Regulations: Zoning Maps: Official Map:
See Also:
Please contact the Planning & Zoning office for details - especially if you are planning a project that will be reviewed by the Development Review Board.


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