The Hinesburg Selectboard is made up of five elected members. The board is responsible for the general supervision of the town's affairs, working through the Town Manager. The Selectboard as a whole acts as the official legal representative for the town, and performs three main functions. They are:

  • To enact town ordinances, regulations, and policies;
  • To prepare and present a town budget and tax rate for the town;
  • Quasi-judicial responsibilities include, but are not limited to: hearing local board of health appeals, acting as the local liquor control board, town right-of-way decisions and reclassifications, and personnel matters.

The Selectboard appoints and supervises the Town Manager and supervises, creates, changes, and abolishes commissions.

The Selectboard is also responsible for appointing representatives to town boards and commissions, as well as other town vacancies as they arise. For this purpose the board has adopted this Committee, Boards, and Commissions Appointments and Procedure Policy.

The Selectboard meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00p.m. at the Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public. To request to be on a meeting agenda, contact the Town Manager.




(802) 482-5655

3-year Term thru March 2026


(802) 482-4216

3-year Term thru March 2024


(802) 309-5032

3-year Term thru March 2025


(802) 482-2271

2-year Term thru March 2025

Paul Lamberson


(802) 578-1105

1-year Term thru March 2024