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Vacancies On Town Boards and Commissions

As part of the Select Board's Policy for Appointments to Commissions, Boards, and Committees (CBC), individuals interested in an appointment must express their interest in writing to the Select Board. Selection of an applicant is at the discretion of the Select Board, and an effort shall be made to create or maintain a balance of views that is representative of the community. The Select Board will also consider an applicant's qualifications, level of interest, and potential conflicts of interest as they pertain to the duties of the appointment under consideration.

The Select Board has established a policy to standardize procedures for the selection, appointment, membership, and dismissal process for Select Board appointed town Commissions, Board, and Committees (CBC).
To express your interest in an appointment contact:

   Office of Town Administrator
   c/o Renae Marshall
   10632 VT Route 116
   Hinesburg VT 05461

   email: rmarshall@hinesburg.org
   phone: 802-482-2281 ext. 222

There are open seats on the following:
  • Affordable Housing Committee: (2) 3-year term
  • Agency Request Review Committee: (1) 3-year term
  • Conservation Commission: (1) 4-year term
  • Economic Development Committee: (3) 3-year term
  • Recreation Commission: (1) 3-year term
  • Village Steering Committee: (3) 2-year term

Affordable Housing Committee
An advisory group responsible for gathering, generating and prioritizing ideas and plans which will help to increase the availability of affordable housing in the Town, as well as to assess the quality and quantity of current affordable housing, and to bring these ideas and information forward in a advisory manner to the Select Board, Planning Commission, Development Review Board and Town staff. This is a nine member committee.

Agency Request Review Committee
An advisory group responsible for evaluating and prioritizing requests for funding appropriations from social service agencies that serve the residents of our community, and for making a funding recommendation to the Selectboard to be included in the annual budget. The task of the Agency Request Review Committee would be to evaluate the information submitted by social service agencies, considering factors such as the number of Hinesburg residents served, the type of service and the percentage of agency income that is used for program costs, to prioritize and quantify appropriations in order to maximize the value residents receive from the tax dollars appropriated. Due to the annual fluctuation in workload, the Committee does not have a regular schedule for meetings. However, the majority of the Committee’s work is completed between September and December annually.

Conservation Commission
The Hinesburg Conservation Commission operates as an advisory board to the local Development Review Board, Planning Commission, and Select Board. The Conservation Commission is also responsible for the management of Geprags Community Park and recommending expenditures from the Land Conservation Fund for local projects.

Economic Development Committee
The mission of the Economic Development Committee is to develop a 5-year Strategic Economic Development Plan for adoption by the Select Board; and help recruit, vet, promote, and aid Hinesburg business owners and developers to work amicably and efficiently with the Town and its local governing body.

Recreation Commission
The Commission oversees the operations of the Recreation Department in an advisory fashion. The Commission assists the Recreation Coordinator in reviewing and designing programs and policies based on the needs and wants of the community, and works to insure high quality recreation programs for the Town of Hinesburg. The Commission also reviews existing recreation facilities making recommendations to the Select Board for new facilities or improvements to existing facilities. The Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Village Steering Committee
An advisory group responsible for gathering, generating and prioritizing ideas and plans which will help to enhance the quality of life in the village, and to bring these ideas forward to the elected officials, appointed boards and commissions and Town staff. The Village Steering Committee serves as a voice for the residents and businesses located in the village area. Residing in the village is not a requirement for serving on this committee. The Committee meets the second Monday of each month.


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