Lake Iroquois Recreation District

The Lake Iroquois Recreation District beach area, along with its 150 acres of open land, continues to serve the district towns of Hinesburg, Richmond, St. George, and Williston, as well as all non-residents. The district lands provide access to swimming, picnicking, playground equipment, and walking trails.

The beach area is host to birthday parties, individual and group functions, and summertime fun. Costs for septic maintenance and summer staff represent the majority of annual expenses. Water quality sampling continues on a weekly basis.

The beach is area is open for the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day and continues to be a beautiful and affordable local recreation area. Beach passes are now only sold at the beach, not at the town clerk’s offices.

Lake Iroquois Recreation District Representatives

Jeff DavisHinesburg
Dana BinghamSt. George
Hans DyhrmanWilliston
Steve MayRichmond

The municipalities of Hinesburg, Williston, St. George and Richmond border Lake Iroquois. It is these municipalities that make up the Lake Iroquois Recreation District. One resident from each member municipality make up the Board of Commissioners.

The district exists for the purpose of owning, leasing, developing, maintaining, and managing its property located on Lake Iroquois and vicinity, for public park, conservation, and recreational purposes to serve its member communities.

The District Commission normally meets the first Monday of each month at the Williston Town Office.